My personal archives include many, many samples of my programming techniques and abilities. It’s hard to summarize myself with just a few key items, but these projects might just do that. Links to most of these projects are provided.

Project Name Description Languages Used Date
virtualbosx Apple macOS installer DMG on VirtualBox BASH Shell 2016
coursetools Web-scraping CLI tools for course management Python 2015
ssh-fob Secured ssh-agent on untrusted computers Shell 2013
flask-boilerplate Responsive-HTML based skeleton Flask app Python, HTML, CSS 2013
Vernacular Prototype system for native/web app develop Objective-C, Python 2013
RSWebSocket Websocket protocol client framework Objective-C, Python 2013
RSWebSocketApplication Websocket app messaging protocol framework Objective-C, Python 2013
MacDV Astronomical data visualization software Objective-C, Python 2008
Consumer/Server Logger Data logger for CDF project at Fermilab C, C++, TCL, Shell 2006
Abydos Captive portal for Wi-Fi management C, Python 2003