Richard Emile Sarkis


I’ve worked in academia for 20 years, utilizing the benefits of that environment for continuing education and for broadening my technology and scientific skill set. Outside of this specific experience, I am a software engineer and system administrator with 25 years of experience.

My background includes the design and development of scientific software (some, architected from the ground-up, others adding to, or refactoring an existing code base). Additionally, I’ve implemented and administered a wide variety of network systems and services, for example web, directory, mail, database and firewall servers as well as using VM and container technologies to help scale and improve scalability and maintainability. I also have significant experience with the typical web stack (e.g. LAMP). Additionally, I have a strong interest in protocol specifications, and their implementations.

Continued learning is an unassailable value. I do not hesitate to miss the opportunity to immerse into new programming languages and paradigms, tools, and areas of proposed thought and development in the fields of computer science, and IT. It’s import to pursue continued self-betterment, and institutional advancement. I highly value simple and efficient problem solving. I’m a proponent of the Free and Open Source Software ideology (FOSS).

My software expertise is balanced nicely by a background in computing hardware, including even the ability to solder components for electronic repair, and simple circuit design. I understand modern computer architecture, and can assemble, repair and modify PC hardware as needed.

An academic background in Physics, Astronomy, and Computer Science complement my skill set for a unique well-rounded and in-depth profile.

Specialty interests include: Scientific, distributed, and parallel computing and languages such as Python, C, C++, and Objective-C and functional programming.