Speaking in public is something I enjoy doing, especially on a topic that speaks back to me. Once you get me going, it’ll be hard to contain me! This section features major talks or other public engagements I’ve participated in, along with any associated presentation materials for your perusal.

Institution and Topic Date
Rochester Institute of Technology  
Vernacular: Bridging Native and Web Applications, Masters Defense Dec 2013
University of Rochester  
CSC 161: The Art of Programming, Course Instructor Jan 2015 - Present
CSC 162: The Art of Data Structures, Course Instructor Jul 2017 - Present
Presentation on Collaboration, Documentation and Versioning Jun 2017
RocPy: Rochester’s Python Programmers User Group  
Monthly RocPy opening presentations Jul 2012 - Present
An Introduction to Pandas Jun 2017
Binary & WebSockets Feb 2017
Web Scraping Jul 2016
Wat’s Up __doc__? (Python “Gotchas”) Nov 2015
New features in Python 3.5 Sep 2015
Python Bridges: Working With Other Language Runtimes Oct 2014
tmux: A terminal multiplexer Jun 2014
Live from PyCon Apr 2014
Python Metaprogrammings Jan 2014
Python ctypes Jun 2013
Python Concurrency Jul 2013
Python Descriptors Sep 2013
Autobahn: A WebSocket client/server for Python Sep 2012
Django: The Next Generation Web Application Framework Aug 2012
Upgrade of CDF Data Logger , IEEE NPSS Real Time Conference Apr 2007