It is tremendously hard to figure out what exactly I know. My skill set is very broad, and I am proud to say I am familiar with many facets of technology and computing. Though, given that I am interested in software architecting, I will keep this string of words reasonable.

If you want to know if I know something, e-mail me!

Languages C, Python, Objective-C, BASH, JavaScript, Perl, PHP, C++, AWK, sed, Haskell, Lisp, Swift
Operating Systems Apple macOS and iOS, Linux, FreeBSD, Microsoft Windows
Frameworks Apple Cocoa, QT, GTK, Flask, Django, ZMQ
Tools GCC, iptables, pf, Git, Mercurial, LaTex, make, Apple Xcode
Standards POSIX, TCP, UDP, IP, ARP, SMTP, LDAP, HTTP, DNS, JSON, WebSocket, CSS, HTML/XML, Ethernet
Techniques Code Analysis, Exploit Research, Intrusion Analysis, Development Tooling